About Us

A job tool for everyone. A job tool for government hiring incentives or tax credits.

Job seekers, create a profile and search for your next great position on our site. You’ll find employers that are looking to hire candidates like you. You’ll add value to your next employer by qualifying for a tax credit.

Employers, our recruiting tools allow you to focus on exactly who you want to hire. You’ll receive applications from jobseekers who are ready to work for you. Also, you can post your job ad with your staffing partners and on social media. We have the tools to make your recruiting effort worth your time

However, the truly unique part about our site is tax credit screening integration – no other job board has this capability. You’ve heard about job tax credits, but the process of screening and applying has been incredibly confusing and time consuming. Not any longer! We handle the process for you. Your applicants are automatically screened for tax credit eligibility.

Another valuable aspect of our site the Hiring Pool. Employers can ‘shop’ for candidates based on their tax credit eligibility. Instead of waiting for qualified applicants to come to you, you can actively pursue job seekers that are pre-qualified for tax credits. Just go to the Hiring Pool and you’ll find candidates that are worth $2,400 – $9,600 in tax credits.

Get started now so that you can claim tax credits against your next income tax payment.
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